Some beginners find MS Excel intimidating, but it need not be if you take a Microsoft excel training courses for beginners. This type of course will take you by the hand and lead you through the basics of this powerful application.

In MS Excel you first need to create a brand new workbook. When you go into the workbook you will be presented with a worksheet and this is where you will enter your data. One worksheet or many can make up a workbook. The worksheet is made up of columns, rows and cells. The cell is where you enter your data.

Let’s take a very simple example.

Enter the number 5 into column A, row 1.

While still in column A move to row 2 and enter the value 15 into that cell.

Now position the cursor in column a, row 3. Type in there =Sum (

Now click on your first value which is 5. You will then see =sum (A1

Type a plus symbol next to this

You will then have =sum (A1+

Now click on your second value which is 15. You will then see =sum (A1+A2

Add a closing bracket to the end so finally you see, =sum (A1+A2).

Now press the tab key to move to another cell.

You will now see the sum of cells A1 + A2 which is 20.

That was a very simple example of how to apply a calculation to your cell data. As you progress in Excel you will be creating far more useful calculations. If you are mathematically minded then you will find your way around MS Excel easily.

Using a spreadsheet can be very useful for an individual or a business. Get started with a Microsoft Excel tutorial for beginner’s course and discover what this powerful software can do for you.

Let’s recap what we’ve learned in this article:

Microsoft Excel is used for manipulating numerical data

Create a worksheet and enter data into cells

Learn Microsoft Excel online to get great results fast.